Twenty Five Bookish Facts

Happy Wednesday friends!

After a rather extended hiatus, I’m back in action and am excited to get back into the swing of things over here at Thinking in Storylines! January-April have been an all out sprint, so I’m thrilled to pieces to be back in a (more) normal rhythm with work and school. I’m probably jinxing myself, but it’s all about positive thinking right?

I saw this tag over on Thrice Read last week and fell in love with it! I’m nosey  curious by nature, so I love getting to learn what inspired everyone else’s reading habits and favorites!

In no particular order:

  1. I read really fast. Like, unusually fast. It’s not uncommon for me to read 200+ pages in one sitting.
  2. In 5th grade my teacher banned from reading during the school year because I was reading in class (and not paying attention) in order to win an AR point contest. I won with 457 points.
  3. The first book I remember reading multiple times was Megan’s Island. 
  4. While I have an obsession with Harry Potter, I’ve never really been into other fantasy books. However, I’m willing to read anything once!
  5. I’ve never read the LOTR books or seen the movies.
  6. My guilty pleasure is trashy romance novels. I only read them digitally to spare myself SOME of the humiliation.
  7. I prefer hard copy books to digital ones. I have no preference between hardcover or paperback books.
  8. I can count on one hand the number of books I haven’t completed.
  9. I carry a large purse because 9 times out of 10 I am always carrying a book.
  10. I normally don’t talk to cute boys first, but I will 100% ask a cute boy about a book he’s reading.
  11. Giving book recommendations is my favorite.
  12. I think in storylines. Whether I’m solving problems, feel awkward, etc. I narrate things to myself like I’m writing a book.
  13. I rarely read a book if I think the cover is ugly.
  14. Unless I’m traveling, I prefer to read in silence or without background music.
  15. I’m genuinely floored when people say “I don’t like to read.”
  16. My mom/grandmother were (and are!) my biggest reading influences. Growing up we would pick a book to read over the summer and then talk about it!
  17. I LOVE to write – I could spend all day writing about books and could give you the longest, most detailed description of whatever you wanted. I’m not as visual (i.e. Instagram) but it’s something I’m working on!
  18. Writing reviews always makes me nervous. I usually pick books to read for a particular reason (feeling, mood, etc.) and I never want someone to hate a book and taint my memory of it.
  19. I started reading really early, probably about 4. My mom gave me my first book when I had memorized a book my brother had brought home from Kindergarten and announced that I could “Read with my eyes closed.”
  20. I am an absolute sucker for a well written love story.
  21. Video blogging is probably not in my future – I hate the way my voice sounds.
  22. I once wrote a 200 hand written page Harry Potter fan fiction novel.
  23. One of my perfect dates would be going to buy books.
  24. While JKR will forever be my queen, I can’t say that I have one favorite author. All of my book choices are always based on my feelings, mood, current life situations.
  25. I can’t read upside down / holding a book above my head. I just can’t do it.



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