Meet Madilene

My name is Madilene and I’m so glad to see you here on Thinking in Storylines!

This is a place for those who have a love affair with words and delight in telling stories, reading stories, and discovering the best stories the world has to offer. It is for dreamers, bookworms, lovers of pretty words, writers, and simply put… those that see stories everywhere.


If you’re looking for creative stories, recommendations on books to read, and thoughts about the literary world, you’re in the right place!

Thinking in Storylines was created as an outlet for my passion for reading and (attempting to write) great stories. I am ruled and fueled by my emotions, and I read books to discover other people’s feelings and use them as a basis to understand the world around me.

The culmination of several blogging attempts, it’s my greatest hope that Thinking In Storylines will serve as a resource, inspiration, and as a place to connect with those as passionate, quirky, and word-loving as I am.

I live in Atlanta, GA and I’m a sunshine enthusiast, wannabe wine connoisseur, modern day Mad Man (So I like to think),  current MBA student, and lover of strong coffee and as many books as I can get my hands on.

My “to-read” shelf is filed with a little bit of everything – I have too many”favorites” to count! However, the books that get me the most excited are about WW II, the Gilded Age,  political biographies, and anything on the best seller list.

Thanks for stopping by!






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